Individual Sessions

Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing                                                    $60/90min 

Tarot Reading                                                                              $35/50 min session

Reiki/Tarot Combo                                                                      $95/120min session

Home/Space Energy Clearing                                                   $50/hr


Portrait Sketches

Eye Portrait                                                                                   $30

Full Portrait                                                                                   $100


Painting Commissions                          

I do take art commissions on a first come first serve basis.  However, rates/amount of time it takes does vary greatly depending on complexity of the piece. For example, portraits are more complex than a landscape. I ask you to pay half up front and half upon completion. Please message me via my contact page to submit inquiries. Thank you :)


Energy/Aura Paintings

Similar to a commission, rates depend on the size of the piece desired by the client, the amount of time it takes, and the complexity of the piece. These paintings include a full Reiki session, which allows me to get in tune with your energy. I am happy to speak with you and set up a time. Please visit my contact page to submit inquiries and again, I will ask that you pay half up front and half upon completion.


Original Paintings

Please inquire about originals via my contact page. Thank you!