Saturn Stations Direct!

There are a few notable energy shifts that i will discuss in this blog today, occurring this week, September 16-22. The first, and in my opinion, most exciting is the direct station of Saturn in Capricorn at 13° on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. I'll then discuss Mercury and Venus into Libra, and finally, the final quarter square of the moon in Gemini.

Saturn has been retrograde since late April, where it began its retrograde at 20° of Capricorn. Wherever Saturn transits in your chart, think of it is a slow and sometimes painful, maturation. The degrees of Saturn's retrograde, he runs over three times; once forward, once back, and then again in forward motion. These specific degrees, 13°- 20° have been, and are still, under intense scrutiny by Saturn. Now we see him turn direct here, and beginning his final review. For the next couple of months Saturn will see just how much we have matured in this area as he moves over these degrees for a final time and then not again for another approximate 30 years. Saturn transits tend to be of a more serious nature, having to do with your real life goals and ambitions. Saturn never says no to a goal, but, BUT, he does say you must work hard to achieve it. When he retrogrades he tests just how much you are willing to work for something and this can show up in your life as frustrating stagnation and discouraging setbacks. However, the good news is that Saturn's third trip across degrees is usually his least severe, and for those who have done the work, the time when he offers up reward for perseverance. This is what makes Saturn turning direct so highly anticipated! This will be an interesting time period, in my opinion, because as he moves forward and finally ends his retrograde shadow, he then comes directly into a highly anticipated conjunction with Pluto in January 2020. In the meantime, yes, we will begin to see real progress and tangible results from the vantage point that we stand with our goals. Come January, though, will we have a new vantage point from which to view our goals? Also yes. I do believe the pending conjunction to Pluto will have a major transformative affect on life as we know it and have us looking very differently at our accomplishments and Saturnian goals. I will write more about this conjunction very soon. Meanwhile, this week Saturn stations direct, which means he stops moving backward from our vantage point on Earth and stands still in the sky. The symbolism of his stillness intensifies his energy and so you can anticipate your Saturnian issues coming to the fore at this time. More specifically, you want to look where he transits in your chart. In general, though, we're talking work, career, ambitions, responsibilities, bills, etc. Serious stuff. Just remember, he's no longer going backward, he's ready to move and reward, but Saturn, oh, well, “intense" Saturn energy just isn't that fun, i’m afraid. This week in particular may feel like one last test of endurance. My advice is to hang tight through this week, stay at it, trust your work, and remain focused. Saturn will move again soon and you will see progress in this area of your life.

The other notable energy shift is that of Mercury and Venus ingress into the sign of Libra. This actually began at our Pisces full moon and what this energy is bringing to our attention is communication and values in relationships. Libran energy typically gets us feeling all the love, and for many, I do think this transit will bring solidarity to relationship. However, these two planets quickly form squares to the nodes of the moon in Cancer/Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, and then Pluto in Capricorn. I believe there could be some tension, setbacks, and intensity around communication in relationship and/or where a relationship is honestly going if said relationship does not already have strongly established goals together. Established bonds, on the other hand, may experience some tests, but honestly, these are quick transits, and therefore, these tests are nothing to fret about. Minor complications, in my opinion. But, the good news is these squares don't begin until next week so in the meantime, this week could be a very light and lovely week in love. Please enjoy!

Finally, this week we will see our final quarter square in Gemini to the new moon in Virgo from late August. What goal or intention did you set at the Virgo moon? The final square in Gemini asks that we look from multiple angles to assess how things have transpired and if we need to make any final adjustments before we leave this moon cycle for another year.

I hope you have found this information helpful. If so, please share


✨Stephanie ✨

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Pisces Full Moon, September 13, 2019

The next full moon takes place on Friday, September 13th at 21° of Pisces. This is a really interesting full moon in that it is in a conjunction with Neptune and in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Neptune, Pluto, the moon, these are all planets of deep karma, and so when they come together in harmony this way with Pisces, there is healing ready to take place. The Pisces moon opposes the Virgo sun in trine to Pluto and conjunction to Mars. Virgo, Sun, Mars these are energies representative of the body, our health, our energy levels, our passions, and our essence. Has your energy level been shot? Your body tired, out of shape, or reacting to something in strange ways? Has your passion faded and your essence dissipated?

The moon in Pisces has come to help you release whatever it is you are hanging onto that is making you feel unlike yourself. Virgo and Pisces work as a team. Pisces is our spiritual connection and Virgo tells us the access to that spiritual connection is through body. Sometimes we hold onto pain in our body from our childhood, sometimes even past lives. Maybe you thought you already did this healing work, so why is it coming up for you again? We heal at the level we are ready to heal, which is decided upon by the wiser aspect of our self that resides deep in our subconscious. This makes healing work a constant in life, my friends. Just as our bodies require maintenance, our energies do too. The moon moves in cycles over every aspect of our lives throughout the month and on a larger cycle throughout the year to refresh us and reveal more to be healed so that we can experience deeper and truer alignment with our highest self all the time.

Pisces is a deeply emotional water sign, unafraid of the dark and vast oceans of our emotional world and the deep subconscious. You may experience things under this moon that trigger your emotions. My advice is to allow it to move through. As painful as it may be, do not try to escape it, do not try numb it with drugs or alcohol. Simply be with your emotions at this time and I promise you it will release much faster this way. With the positive alignment to Pluto, this moon means business, in that if you allow yourself to surrender to the emotions, the other side of this moon is deep transformation. When Pluto touches something, it is never the same again. When Pluto touches something, it is left anew. This moon is an opportunity for deep healing on some level and I urge you to ride the waves at this time rather than swim against them. The Universe times our moons perfectly, so what comes up for you now, trust that it is on time.

The other important note about this moon is that it is incredibly psychic. Pluto and Neptune together with the moon is deep psychic and subconscious information, an offering from spirit of a very thin veil for you to explore the other worlds to gain access and answers to your questions if you wish. Your dreams may be quite vivid. Your meditations may be quite intense, but they are offerings for you of psychic gifts. With the Pisces energy, my advice is always to relax and allow the energy to move through because it offers healing and divine guidance for you in some way.

Full moons are always a culmination of some area of life and when the full moon is in Pisces, it represents an area that offers culmination in creative and spiritual endeavors. Look to your Pisces house to see how this may play put for you, personally.

Pisces is seen as very mystical energy and it is. Pisces people are greatly misunderstood as strange and delusional even, but this is not true. The truth is, Pisces people live between the worlds. Their reality is simply not the same as yours, hence the symbol of the two fish swimming opposing directions. One fish swims in this reality, the other fish swims beyond it while the thread they each carry in their mouths keeps them linked. As a Pisces I can tell you, it is a strange way to be sometimes, a painful and often lonely way to be sometimes too, but I wouldn't trade it because these strange ways are the access I have to my gifts and greatest comfort, which is always God. What a Pisces moon offers everyone else is a glimpse of the more meaningful things in life. This moon may inspire your creativity. This moon may inspire your compassion for others. This moon may allow you to truly feel the life force energy in the wind and the trees and the rain. These are glimpses, my friends. Glimpses of God.

Pisces is the end of the zodiac, the 12th house, ruled by Neptune. These are energies that represent endings, surrender, communion, and eternal healing. Let go to them and know that with Pluto's help in Capricorn, what you let go of now paves the way for strong new beginnings. Pluto is very thorough and you can trust that what he clears for you is leaving you fertile ground for strong new foundations to be built upon.

Practical advice for this moon:




Listen to music

Receive energy healing or therapeutic massage

Schedule a therapy session

Drink water

Spend time by bodies of water

Take salt baths

Get extra sleep

Record your dreams

I hope you have found this information to be helpful. Most of all, I hope you enjoy a very positive and magical moon in Pisces ♓

🙏Namaste 🙏


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Illumined & Ephemeral: Welcome to My New Astrology Blog

Hello and welcome to the new section of my blog, Illumined and Ephemeral, where I will dive into the cosmic conversations playing out in the skies. As above, so below, my friends! We are but the micro of the macro down here. If you know me at all, you know I've had an affinity for astrology for, well, as long as you've known me. I've studied it personally since my late teens (I'm 41 now) and have always incorporated it into other aspects of my work, including my art and tarot readings. This year, I'm in the midst of experiencing a two(ish) year conjunction of Neptune to my Pisces Sun. I'm very excited about it and I'll dive deeper into the meaning of this in a future post. For the sake of this blog, in summary, this conjunction basically means my spiritual and psychic life has been kicked up about a billion notches. I love this, btw, as I'm a deeply spiritual human as it is. My passion for my spiritual work has increased so much during this time as my Pisces Sun is in my 10th house of career. During this transit I've created new goals for my work, including, ta dahhh becoming a professional astrologer. This probably surprises no one, but it occurred to me quite clearly in meditation around my birthday, 'hey, I paint the stars, I might as well know what they are trying to say!'

Am I there yet? Am I professional? No, not quite. But astrology is a rich study and one to which I am committed. I'm learning the deeper I go with this subject, the deeper there is to go. And it's awesome! I've always had an intuitive sense about astrology, but in the last couple of years, I've had some very powerful, life-changing and psychic moments telling me I understand this stuff better than I've given myself credit for. So, I decided to take my astrological studies to the next level and enroll in some professional courses in order to hone this information, and in time, begin consulting with clients. Right now I'd say I am somewhere between intermediate and very early professional level with the humility to know my studies will never end and the word "expert" is a lifetime away.

I am ready, however, to share some things that I do feel I comfortably understand. I am also ready to begin having deep conversations with people about the cosmic language of the stars and dispelling a lot of the misinformation out there of which there is just so much. It's really frustrating to those of us who have studied astrology in depth to any degree. For example, I see many people, my friends included, interested in their astrology but simultaneously getting anxiety based on some very generic information on the internet. As someone with a relative degree of anxiety already, I don't think this is ok.

What I'm interested in is making astrology grounded, practical, and personal. Therefore, I will not be doing sun sign astrology. It is my belief at this point that sun sign astrology is a lot of hype, both positive and negative, to gain interest in the astrologer and any relevance someone finds in it is purely by the chance that your sun speaks to you. Yes, the sun is powerful and important in astrology, but there are many planets and aspects in our charts, even the degrees of the zodiac have a language that can color one's sun and planets, and make it hard to relate to on a general level. In my opinion, sun sign astrology is too simplistic and not super useful.

The thing is, for astrology to apply personally, you need an accurate birth chart. Which means you need your precise birth information. Astrology is a symbolic language and if you are off even minutes in your birth time, you are off by months, even years when it comes to what the sky may be telling you on a personal level. This is why so many people who DO resonate with their Sun go on to study further, but still do not relate to the general horoscopes in the magazines or on YouTube. It's because it simply doesn't apply to you. The sky speaks to you according to your specific stars. Not everyone has time for this study and that is why astrology is work and should be considered a service. How it applies specifically to you, is based upon where these conversations are happening in your chart. Yes, if you ask me to do so, I WILL happily consult your chart to see how the current planetary energy might apply to you more specifically, however, please keep in mind this takes time and as a busy working mom, I do not always have it. I truly love to investigate this stuff and give full, insightful answers, but at this time, my work load is quite full. Therefore, if I'm going to take time away from my other work, well, I've got to pay my bills, so I will accept donations via my Venmo account for any personal chart consultations. I will make sure those questions are prioritized and answered quickly. As a starting point, I'd say $5 per question would be fair for the type of insight I can offer.
For this blog, however, I will stick to speaking to my understanding of the current planetary alignments and how I sense them playing out collectively. I will be commiting to a weekly astrological report, focusing on the current moon phase and any prominent aspects during this time. I will likely share other astrological insights as I have them, but for now I'm commiting to weekly moon phase reports. I will use my understanding of the symbols and my intuition to create a report that I've set the intention to be of benefit to the collective.

One final note I'd like to add. The planets do not create events in our lives. To be clear, that's not a thing. They DO, however, speak symbolically of your inner cycles and the deep urges compelling YOU to create change in your life, and therefore, events do happen. I believe they do speak of times when opportunities may arise for your soul growth, but how we interpret these opportunities and how they play out depends on you, your attitude, your action and/or inaction.

We are all born with our own specific energetic makeup; our specific karma, gifts, challenges, and cycles to work with in this life. We will all have tough times and auspicious times, inward times and outward times. My goal as an astrologer is to help my clients dive deeper into their own understanding of such things. To help you ride the waves and find peace and purpose through the storms, and again when the water is calm, remind you to enjoy it, rest, and maybe even take advantage of any forthcoming auspicious conditions. Everything and everyone has their time, their season, and I'm just really excited to explore that with you.

I love this work and I would ask that if you love it too, especially if you like my take on this subject, please share my work as you feel compelled to do so. Sharing goes far, trust me. Also, donating via Venmo for any personal questions and/or if you'd like to support my work further. I will link my account below.

Lastly, tomorrow I will share my first official report on the Pisces Full Moon, happening this Friday, September 13, 2019. I hope you enjoy it.

🙏Namaste 🙏


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PS: For those wondering, I use the Tropical zodiac and mostly Placidus house system. Occasionally I will use whole sign houses and equal houses, but I check Placidus first.