Stephanie Weiss


I received my Reiki training in 2014 and have been helping clients heal since 2014. I recently completed my Reiki Master training (2019) and am excited to begin sharing this healing energy in new ways. My focus with my clients is to offer a space that is loving and accepting, so that a client is able to feel relaxed and safe, enabling the healing Reiki energy to go where it is needed. I do not force any healing on a client, but simply allow them space to heal and love while they do so. My intention is always the highest good of the client.


I have been fascinated by the images on the tarot since I was 19, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I took up studying tarot seriously. I began reading for myself at that time and have been reading tarot for my clients since 2015. My style for reading tarot is very positive and uplifting. Even when the cards are more serious, I look at them in a positive light, as I believe that it is from an uplifted place that we are able to embrace the changes we need to make and and actually feel empowered enough to make them. I use the cards in combination with my intuition and knowledge of astrology and other esoteric symbols to be a channel for messages that are for my client’s highest good.


Astrology is a subject that has always resonated with me. Something in me has always just ’known’ that the stars are speaking, using a language, just like English or French. There is information for us '“up there” and if we learn the language, we open ourselves to information that can help us align with the ebbs and flows of our lives. My goal as an astrologer is to find the ‘flow’ (as I call it) for my clients and be a support to them while they navigate it. I have been loosely studying astrology since I was young, but decided to kick it up a notch in 2016 and have since read almost 100 books on the subject. In early 2019 I enrolled in the professional astrology course through The Astrology School and have begun seeing clients. My passion is predictive astrology, but I am almost equally fascinated by natal chart interpretation.


I am self-taught painter and have been working seriously as an artist for the last 13 years. Inspiration for my artwork comes from my own spiritual awakening experiences, dreams, meditation visions, the beautiful cosmos, and a deep love for the earth and the creatures who reside here. I do feel it is my gift and purpose as a deep empath and healer to deeply examine these subjects and use my artistic gifts to express it in ways that are relevant to people and bring them a sense of ‘awe’ or reverence for the beauty that surrounds us every day.

Intuitive Art

I do commissioned portraits based on the energy I see and feel as I’m doing Reiki with my clients. These pieces are unique and deeply personal, of course, varying from person to person.





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